Customer Journey Mapping

A visual representation of step and experience your customers have with your organization, it places you in the shoes of the customer and explain the customer perspective in each step and experience, it includes the definition of each touchpoint with the customer, the customer goal of this interaction, the thoughts in the customer head and the emotional feeling the customer has. In addition to the pain or risk points and the opportunities or improvement points.

In customer journey mapping, benchmarks and best practices could be deployed in order to improve the customer journey significantly.

Agile’s professionals will help the organization define the value for customer and the best possible way to shape the interaction or touchpoint. In addition to notice of the gaps between channels and departments in the organization and it will show the pain or risk points that could let customers fallout or refuse the product or service.

Our professionals will make sure that the expected outcomes out of customer journey mapping are:

·         Improve customer retention rate.

·         Increase customer satisfaction.

·         Identify gaps in the organization’s processes.

·         Increase the efficiency of the customer journey.

·         Enable the continuous improvement of the customer journey.

·         Increase conversions through different channels.


Mystery Shopping

A real-life tool that let you go through the whole customer experience and journey acting as a normal customer and measures the quality of this experience and journey, the goal here is to evaluate the customer journey and pin down the improvement points through different channels. Our professionals focus on the very little details that every touchpoint has that the customer journey map might miss, such as the sales team attitude and behaviour and their handling to the various touchpoints, and the display and conditions of the facility in offline channels and user experience for online channels.

Our professionals will ensure these expected outcomes of the mystery shopping are:

·         A measuring and monitoring customer journey performance tool.

·         Measures the quality of service such as the waiting time.

·         Gets you closer to your customer thoughts, expectations and feelings.

·         Focus on little details that make big differences, such as staff performance and facility display.

·         Identify the gaps in front line processes and gaps in human resources.

·         Improve customer retention rate.

·         Increase customer satisfaction.