Business Process Reengineering in Organizational Strategy Development

  • 2020-04-24 07:20:02
  • Business process Management and Re-engineering

The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) solution covers the organization from top to bottom to make sure it includes the core as well as the support processes that make the organization a whole. This solution targets processes, policies, templates, technology and people to study the gaps that sometimes lead to internal problems that can vary from miscommunication between staff members, up-to organizational strategy difficulties.

An organizational strategy includes the actions an organization plans to take to achieve long-term goals. All these actions make up a strategic plan where the top management is responsible for. But, in order for it to succeed in the most efficient way, the strategic plan requires involvement from all organization levels. With a good planning and allocation strategy, the middle and lower management bodies are assigned with goals and plans to adopt and to fulfill the overall organizational strategy step by step.

Business Process Reengineering has given the opportunity to failing and successful organizations to re-structure themselves to adopt performance improvements for all organizational levels and position themselves in a better place in their markets. Since BPR involves reinventing processes by making the old ones obsolete and finding new and innovative methods of making work happen all through the organization in an efficient way. Consequently, BPR focuses on breaking down each process for all levels within the organization and provides a solid understanding of what the organization does and what it wants to become. After having broken down the organization into processes, BPR begins to align each process together and provide a top-to-bottom strategic map in order to achieve the organization’s overall strategy.

The BPR has arisen as a solution for organizations to improve their performances by ensuring a higher quality products or services, larger added value and faster response time. If organizations aim to elevate their effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage in this dynamic market, then BPR is the solution to adopt. BPR’s results could last for a long time if implemented efficiently. Organizations who implement this solution will establish behaviors and values that can support their businesses in life long proper strategic planning and prepare them well for any large-scale challenges.