Chemical industry is responsible of producing chemicals that can be divided into three categories which are the basic chemicals, specialty chemicals and consumer chemicals. This industry works as a supplier for many other industries. As an example, it helps the Pharmaceutical industry and Health Care industry by providing the essential chemical components.  

The pharmaceutical industry deals with designing, producing and distributions of medicines. It is a very broad field, dealing with natural medicines as well as cosmetics and food industries. This industry has many restrictions on the quality and legal requirements, so it needs to operate in a unique way than other industries. As a result, pharmaceutical industry requires the utmost care, precision in every aspect from the raw materials to the end-products.

Both industries nowadays have increased in their production rate than before. So, as it is becoming a big part of the world’s economy, an utmost care and adherence to the rules and regulations of these industries should be in place. This will result in having the best products and happy consumers.