Commerce, or the conduct of trade, is a widespread activity that is done all over the world to sell and buy goods and services. It is the way that people can buy and sell stuff through various platforms, from streets, shopping malls, showrooms, to websites, applications and many more. It is one of the main sources of income to many countries and many economies rely on it, as it helps countries to attain all resources needed for their economic growth.

As people’s needs and expectations are changing, so are the commerce activities, where e-commerce is starting to become more popular and favorable compared to traditional commerce. People are tending to be more reliable on completing their to do lists as fast and efficient as possible. With one click away, e-commerce is becoming the new trend and people are tending to buy everything they need using the internet. The list goes from shopping for new outfits to doing the groceries. It can be all done by one click, rather than getting stuck in traffic jams, bad weather, crowded malls and streets, and over-rated prices due to high overheads.